Sam Pack Museum

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Sam Pack Museum

Sam Pack Museum  Sam Pack, noteworthy Texas businessman and founder of 3 major Ford dealerships in the greater Dallas area, had this museum constructed to house his bevy of beautiful Ford and GM vehicles (by the way, the mix is about 70/30 favoring the FoMoCo products). Sam started moving vehicles in here back in March of ‘05, and up until then relied on a 50,000 square foot warehouse in nearby Carrollton as a home for his 150+cars.

This amazing museum was constructed primarily as a “nice escape” says Sam, rather than a full-on business.

A view from near the back of the 26,000 sq.ft. showroom, right in front of the Woodys. Check out that mini Merc pace car! This is one area in the collection where the Fords and Chevys are somewhat mixed together. They’re all beautiful vehicles, either immaculate originals or restored to perfection.

As a Ford dealer, Sam started his collection with the cars he knew. But others told him that if he wanted to build a serious collection, he needed to include significant cars of other marques. Trust us, it doesn’t matter if you’re just a Ford guy or all-around car folk, this collection is simply mind-blowing.

We were invited by museum curator Don Smith to “take the nickel tour” with him, which involved about an hour or so with some extra time to snap away with our cameras. Apparently the “full blown” tour, with commentary on just about every vehicle in the collection takes about 8 hours!

Up against the back wall of the floor rests several ’40s era Woody wagons. Absolutely gorgeous!

The vast majority of vehicles in the Sam Pack Collection are bone stock. There are, however, more than a few eye-popping customs!

A Raven Black ‘64 427 R-code Galaxie can steal any show, or museum for that matter. This beast was in our top 3 favorites.

A beautiful collection of “early” Birds!

Plenty of Trucks, too. From stock to custom…

For more information, an “online tour”, and the chance to win a personal tour, visit:

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