NASCAR spec 1969 Ford Talladega

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NASCAR spec 1969 Ford Talladega

By Rick Stanton, Fullerton, CA

What you are looking at is a street driven, legal, NASCAR spec 1969 Ford Talladega. I numbered the car 72, like Benny Parsons’ car. He was only one I know of who drove a Maroon Talladega.

These pictures were taken at the Fabulous Fords Forever Car show at Knott’s Berry Farm in California in April of 2007. This car is street legal as it is now, except for the NASCAR spec tires. It has brake lights, turn signals, headlights, mufflers, current license tags and is fully insured.

I have another set of NASCAR wheels that I’m going to put DOT tires on for street cruising. I drove the car to the Fabulous Fords Forever car show and back home again, idling for a 1/2 hour in line just to get into the show – with no problems.

I dyno’d the engine on 1/13/07 and it made 742 hp @ 5800 rpm and 752 lbs-ft of torque @ 4600 rpm, with a total of 26 degrees of timing. The Boss 429 motor made 705 lbs-ft of torque @ 3000 rpm at the beginning of the pull. I built this car as a NASCAR restoration with a NASCAR Boss 429 D-Port Intake and exhaust that flow 413 cfm @ 28″ @ .800 lift heads. This engine has the NASCAR 2-piece magnesium dry sump 3-stage oil pan.

This car has a 45 gal ATL fuel cell to run the Silver State. I dedicated the car to Benny Parsons who passed away in January, 2007. On the roof above the driver’s door I have “in Memory of Benny”.

Restored to Boss 429 NASCAR specifications


  • Bored and stroked to 598 cu. in.
  • 4.60 bore
  • 4.50 stroke (494 Can-Am forged steel crankshaft offset ground to 4.50 Stroke)
  • Eagle 4340 forged steel H beam rods , L19 rod bolts
  • Isky roller camshaft intake duration 262 degrees @ .050, .672 lift with .028 valve lash
  • Exhaust duration 268 degrees @ .050, .672 lift with .028 valve lash
  • NASCAR torque box intake with 1250 Dominator carb
  • NASCAR magnesium valve covers
  • NASCAR magnesium 2-piece dry sump oil pan
  • NASCAR aluminum heads (D-port intake and exhaust) intake flows 413 cfm @ 28” @ .800 lift, exhaust flows 302 cfm @ 28” @ .800 lift

Transmission: 4-speed Toploader

Clutch: Dual disc McLeod

Exhaust: 2-1/8” to 2-¼” step headers built by R.E.F. in Kingman, Arizona into 4” Oval Spin Tech mufflers

Rear end: NASCAR 9” full floater with 31 spline Detroit Locker

Brakes: NASCAR Wilwood 4-wheel disc brakes

Fuel tank: 32 gallon ATL fuel cell

Wheels: NASCAR 9-½” x 15” for 5/8” Studs

Tires: NASCAR Goodyear Eagle 27.5 X 12.0 X 15”

Roll Bar: 1-5/8” Chromemoly roll cage

Dyno results: 742 hp @ 5800 rpm, 752 lbs-ft torque @ 4600 rpm. Dyno tested at DYNO-Motive in Placentia, CA on January 13, 2007

At the Milwaukee Mile!


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