Differential Housing and Gear Set

Inspection of differential housing and gear set Tools Needed: Standard socket set, flat-blade screwdriver, hammer or mallet. Tinware Needed: New gear oil, clean rags, a container to collect the old oil, and a new differential cover gasket. In this relatively brief article, we’re going to cover how to inspect your car’s differential housing and gears, […]

Carburetor: Quick-Change Vacuum Springs

Time: approximately 30 minutes Tools: small Phillips screwdriver Here’s what you’ll need: Holley quick-change spring housing, vacuum secondary spring kit Tip: During the test and tune process, keep track of which springs help or hinder your carburetor’s performance. They make it easy by color-coding the top of each spring. Here’s what you’ll net: ability to […]

Cut To Fit Plug Wires

Making cut-to-fit spark plug wires Time: Approximately 2 hours Tools: wire cutters, crimping pliers, razor blade, Sharpie marker What you’ll need: set of quality spark plug wires (boots and terminals included), white dielectric grease, wire socks (recommended), wire looms Tip: When cutting and installing a new set of wires, mark each end at the boots […]

Those Wild Paint Colors!

Remember those awesome names Ford gave some of their paint colors back in ’69 and ’70? In addition to the “Grabber” colors, the marketing folks also decided to take advantage of the culture and trends of that era. We’re glad they did, because it gave us some standout print ads and commercials. In 1969, there […]

Removal and Replacement of Engine

Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, engine hoist, engine stand or cradle, floor jack (if needed) Cost: if renting an engine hoist, expect to pay about $40 for a day’s use Tinware: heavy-duty chain and/or lifting plate Tip: If you pull the motor and trans out together as one unit, invest in a transmission tail […]

Featured Powerplant: Y-Block

By Ted Eaton • Photography by Colin Date Looking at these pictures of the cutaway display of the Y-Block Ford engine, some of the attributes that make this particular engine family unique are prominently displayed. These include the over and under stacked intake ports, shaft mounted rocker arms, fully counter-weighted crankshafts, and priority main bearing […]

Featured Powerplant: 427 SOHC Cammer

Back in 1965, Ford’s official line on the development of this engine was that they wanted to combine the technology of their proven cylinder heads from the 255 cid, dual overhead cam, Windsor-derived “Indy” engine, with the bullet-proof short block and cubic-inches of the 7000 rpm 427 “high riser” FE. An exercise in engineering to […]

Brake Plumbing

The ABCs of brake line plumbing, and what you need to haul that Ford down. by Dick Harrington A disc brake upgrade and dual master cylinder upgrade are some of the most common discussions amongst Ford owners. The most misunderstood ingredient of these swaps is distributing the brake fluid out to each wheel. When upgrading […]