Front Disc Brake Upgrade

Installing front disc brakes Time: 3-5 hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, floor jack and jackstands, rubber mallet, ball joint separator or pickle fork, mini sledge Cost: will vary depending on the components used; typically anywhere between $500-$1500 Tinware: disc brake kit, wheel bearing grease, brake fluid, brake cleaner, small rubber hose, “catch” container […]

Installing a Rear Sway Bar

Installing a rear sway bar Time: 1 hour Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: $175-200 Tinware: rear sway bar, sway bar mounting kit (includes bolts, washers, and necessary spacers) Tip: Always be patient and take your time when measuring pieces for drilling. The correctly achieved results are well worth the extra steps. Performance gains: […]

Installing A High Performance Front Sway Bar

Time: 1 hour (approximately) Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches Cost: approximately $175-200 Tinware: front sway bar, new sway bar bushings, new sway bar end links (recommended), lubrication grease Tip: Before removing anything from the car, take note of the sequence of the bushings in relation to the lower control arm and the sway bar. […]

Carpet Installation Know-How

Installing new carpet and sound deadener Time: several hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, Phillips screwdriver, scraper, utility knife, scissors, heat gun (recommended) Cost: approximately $350-$500 for sound deadener, $200 for carpet Tinware: carpet, floor pan sound deadener, spray adhesive Tip: After purchasing a new carpet kit, remove the pieces from the box and […]

Installing A Transmission Cooler

Time: Approx. 2 hours Tools: standard wrenches, small flat-blade screwdriver, razor blade Cost: approximately $75 Tinware: transmission cooler and installation hardware (included in most kits) Tip: Allow the transmission to completely cool before attempting to drain the fluid or disconnect any lines under pressure. Performance gains: a cooler, more efficient transmission capable of handling increased loads […]

Master Cylinder/Power Booster Conversion

Time: 2 hours (approximately) Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, brake bleeder (optional) Cost: $250 and up Tinware: master cylinder/power booster Tip: Always bleed the brakes repeatedly anytime changes are made in the brake system. Performance gains: A new, dual circuit master cylinder and power booster will enhance the ease and safe operation of your […]

Understanding Rear Gear Ratios

Understanding rear gear ratios Applicable years: all Cost: $250-$300 Tinware: ring and pinion set, differential fluid Tip: It’s best to seek out the help of an experienced professional when changing the rearend gears. Performance gains: quicker off-the-line acceleration Most of us are familiar with the notion that rear-axle gears largely affect your car’s performance. The […]

Mechanical Fuel Pump Installation

Fuel pump: installation of mechanical fuel pump and fuel pressure regulator Tools: standard socket set, adjustable wrench, flat-blade screwdriver, Allen wrench set Cost: approximately $200-$350 Tinware: fuel pump and mounting gasket (supplied with pump), fuel pressure regulator and gauge, 3/8” fuel hose and clamps, NPT pipe fittings Tip: When re-routing new lines, closely measure all […]

Under Hood Restoration

If you’re content with a clean looking daily driver, or if you display your car at shows but leave the hood shut, there’s probably no need for you to tackle this project. After all, who sees the underside of your hood? However, if you’re proud of all that effort you’ve put into detailing out your […]

Inner Door Tune-up

Replace your window regulator and door latch assembly Time: Approximately 3 hours Tools: Phillips screwdriver, impact driver (optional), hammer, socket wrenches, open-ended wrenches, window crank removal tool, white lithium grease, flashlight and small inspection mirror, window crank removal tool Cost: Window regulator assemblies approximately $100 each, door latch assemblies approximately $100 each Tinware: Window regulator assemblies […]