Carpet Installation Know-How

Installing new carpet and sound deadener Time: several hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, Phillips screwdriver, scraper, utility knife, scissors, heat gun (recommended) Cost: approximately $350-$500 for sound deadener, $200 for carpet Tinware: carpet, floor pan sound deadener, spray adhesive Tip: After purchasing a new carpet kit, remove the pieces from the box and […]

Tire Cleaning: 101

This may seem like a super simple little project, but believe me, when your tires have been coated in primer overspray, it’s not. And forgive us, these photos were taken using a Chevrolet wheel. However, tires are tires– and they all clean up pretty much the same, no matter what car they’re riding on! When a […]

Carburetors Of The 428

From Police Interceptor to Cobra Jet, all 428 carburetion was definitely not the same. Text and photography by Jon Enyeart The venerable 428 FE (Ford Edsel) engine has always been a favorite of Ford enthusiasts. It is with that thought and spirit we present this article on the carburetors of the 428. The 428 was […]

Steering Wheel Restoration

How to Restore Your Steering Wheel Text and Photography by Jeff Ford Time: 3-4 hours (approximately) Cost: Approximately $45 for Eastwood’s Steering Wheel Restoration Kit (available at Eckler’s) Tinware: Dremel tool kit, or similar brand. Steering wheel puller, selection of putty knives, various sandpaper grits ranging from 80 through 600-800 grit Tip: Thoroughly degrease the […]

Crankshaft & Bearing Removal

Removal and replacement of the crankshaft and main bearings Time: 2 hours Tools: standard socket set, crankshaft socket, breaker bar, feeler gauge Cost: approximately $50 for bearings and supplies Tinware: quality set of replacement main bearings, Plastigage Tip: If you plan to remove the crankshaft while leaving the rod and piston assemblies in the bores, […]

Connecting Rods And Rod Bearings

Removal and replacement of connecting rods and rod bearings Time: 3 hours Tools: standard socket set, rubber mallet, crankshaft socket, breaker bar, feeler gauge Cost: approximately $50 for bearings and supplies Tinware: quality set of rod bearings, Plastigage, 3/8”rubber hose Tip: To avoid scratching or damaging the cylinder walls when removing or installing piston and […]

Distributor: HEI Conversion

Time: 2 hours Tools: standard wrench set, flat-blade and/or Phillips screwdriver, wire strippers/crimpers Cost: varies by manufacturer- approximately $175-$400 Tinware: HEI distributor (new, rebuilt, or used), HEI ignition lead connector, HEI style plug wires Tip: Label or mark the location of your spark plug wires on the distributor cap for fast, easy reference. Tip: When […]

Installing New Seat Upholstery

Time: varies depending on number of seats and style, plan on at least 2 hours Tools: standard wrenches, hog-ring pliers, flat-blade screwdriver, needle-nose pliers (optional) Cost: anywhere from $500 and up, approximately Tinware: upholstery, hog-rings and pliers, seat foam padding (optional) Tip: Before installing new vinyl seat covers, lay them out in the sun to […]

Water Pump and Pulley Install

Water Pump and Pulley Install Note: Although this tech story has been performed on a ahem… Chevrolet engine, the tips and techniques described can work on any brand. Time: 2 hours Tools: standard socket set, standard wrenches, gasket scraper, long screwdriver or pry bar Cost: approximately $50-$150 for the pump, $25-$50 for the pulley Tinware: […]

Bodywork: Filling And Sanding

Bodywork: Filling And Sanding Time: varies depending on the size and extent of the damaged area or area that needs modification Tools: block sander, grinder, air compressor (recommended) ball peen hammer (optional) Cost: supplies typically run about $100 for filler, sandpaper, and miscellaneous items listed in “Tinware” Tinware: filler and hardener, sandpaper (36, 80, 150, […]