Secret Crushes

How about you? Do you have any secret crushes? I suppose if you told, they wouldn’t be so secret anymore, would they? Don’t sweat it – this little editorial isn’t intended to get you into any kind of hot water. Well maybe, depends on how willing you are to bare your feelings. What the heck […]

Bill Stroppe’s Boss ‘N’ Bronc

Bill Stroppe was one of America’s greatest race car builders. He won the Carrera Pan-American Road Race with Johnny Mantz in a Lincoln, the USAC stock car championship and the Pike’s Peak Hill Climb with Mercury and Parnelli Jones, and became the god of offroad racing in the Baja with Ford Broncos and again, Parnelli […]

Mustang Special Service Package

Mustang Special Service Package The Mustang Special Service Package was originally known as the Mustang Severe Service Package, and was conceived for limited use by the California Highway Patrol in 1982. Released as a limited law enforcement option package in 1983, it was renamed the Special Service Package (SSP) and utilized by more than sixty […]

At the Drive-in

At the Drive-in Yes, I know it’s still winter and drive-in movie theaters are probably not on your radar– well, yet anyway. How did I possibly get onto this subject you ask? I recently went online and checked out one of my old haunts– the 99W Drive-In, in Newberg, Oregon. Of course, being in the […]


Hobbies Here’s an interesting discussion – hobbies. Since you’re reading this, classic cars are obviously one of yours. Are they at the top of your “hobby list”? Meaning, out of all the things you’re interested in, do they hold the Numero Uno spot? They do for me. But my interest isn’t just classic cars – […]

North To Alaska

North To Alaska By Ernie Phillips From Texas to Alaska in a ’57 T-Bird I’ve always wanted to head North to Alaska; to drive the highway again. I was in the Army and was stationed at Fort Richardson in Anchorage, arrived at my post by plane in 1963, and hitchhiked home aboard an Air Force […]

Sam Pack Museum

Sam Pack Museum  Sam Pack, noteworthy Texas businessman and founder of 3 major Ford dealerships in the greater Dallas area, had this museum constructed to house his bevy of beautiful Ford and GM vehicles (by the way, the mix is about 70/30 favoring the FoMoCo products). Sam started moving vehicles in here back in March […]


Truckin’ Who doesn’t like trucks? No matter what kind of car person you are, chances are you’re also a truck fan. People don’t look at trucks and say, “um nope, I’ve never really liked them”. In fact, in certain parts of the country, you’d get a whuppin’ for saying something like that. Trucks are about […]

The Bucket List

The Bucket List. Remember that movie from back in ’07 with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman? They team up to do a bunch of wild and wonderful stuff they’ve always wanted to do before they die. There’s more to it than that, but that’s the gist of the story. One of the cool “car guy” […]

Road Trips: Plan One!

Road Trips: Plan One! You may be wondering why I’m writing about road trips now that it’s wintertime. Well, most road trips take planning, and what better time to do that than now? Spring always gets here faster than we expect, then summer. Besides, planning a trip now will help you tune out those winter […]